MaMa Kelly Amsterdam by de Horecafabriek, Amsterdam – Netherlands

December 4th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

The second MaMa Kelly is a fact. After a serious search, MaMa Kelly ended up at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. Being creative and constantly renewing is a must for MaMa and that is why she is showing a completely different side of her in Amsterdam. The interior is a statement with rich colors, warm material and a mature vibe. Mama’s looks are high profile and avant garde. New look, same vibe.

MaMa Kelly Amsterdam has a classy look with allure and the necessary glam. That’s how the luxurious couches, stylish tables and the designed details make the high profile interior. Every floor has its own character; it’s different everywhere and beautiful everywhere. Expect the unexpected.

Design: Rein Rambaldo / de Horecafabriek
Photography: René van Dongen

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