Global Web Index Office by Thirdway

December 1st, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Global Web Index are market researchers who wanted to move from their space which they had outgrown to a new space they could make their own and have larger areas to collaborate and be a team rather than just work. It also marked the start of the brands new identity. The brief was to bring not only the brands secondary colours into the office but to bring colour in general into the space offering a more relaxed vibe to rather than a busy city feeling.

This was to be achieved by incorporating more breakout areas and places where staff could get away from their desks as well as a client area, reception and more flexible working spaces. This was a design focused on the expansion of 70 people. The designer on the project was ThirdWay’s Danielle Rubie, her concept included a mixture of eclectic, warm, neutral but textured finishes with a bold colourful statement in the furniture and wall colours.

The design process started with numerous space plans, once a final plan was made, several finishes meetings were held to get everything 100% right for the clients employees, who were heavily involved in the process and very collaborative, which saw the project reach successful completion and resulted in a happy client in Global Web Index.

Design: Thirdway
Photography: Tom Fallon

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