Industrial Luxe by Murals Wallpaper

November 28th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Industrial Luxe: a romance between industrial textures and indulgence. Murals Wallpaper explores abstract arrangements and glowing colours in the latest collection of powerful prints. The Industrial Luxe revival range takes inspiration from seasonal palettes of AW17 and juxtaposes it with the retro glamour of the 1970s era.

Merging the lines between indoor and outdoor living, the Industrial Luxe murals create layers of intrigue by incorporating outdoor textures within interior settings.

As part of the homage to the Mid Century Modern trend, Murals Wallpaper is excited to use selected key pieces from the AW17 West Elm collection, which compliment the Industrial Luxe aesthetic. A brand synonymous with this particular design movement, the West Elm furniture combines premium materials with soft curves, creating a truly opulent feel.

Design: Murals Wallpaper

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