MoMo 2.0 – Modular Furniture by TACADI, Sao Paulo – Brazil

October 19th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

MOMO 2.0 is a Modular Furniture which proposes the evolution of its system allowing solving furniture as well as functional situations of greater complexity. Raised as a composite of modules that combined in different ways generate a certain configuration.

The furniture consists of an open system that includes several modules, in this case in particular resolves a chair, table, storage sectors, tending, ironing sector, etc. These can operate autonomously, as well as be linked together, creating a dynamic and versatile system.

The wooden sticks act as structural beams, meanwhile the storage areas, shelves and seat are conformed by folded and curved white metal sheets. The iron joints behave as strong knots which connect the different modules, allowing a variety of configurations.

These three elements linked together, are those which result in this modular system; an easy to assemble product. This proposal seeks to create a functional and versatile space, reinterpreting furniture by giving it a fresh, young and innovative conception, taking the possibilities of MoMo 2.0 to the extreme.

Design: TACADI
Photography: Fernando Schapochnik

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