Vacheron Constantin by BYB Visual Merchandising, Shanghai – China

October 6th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

For celebrating the Overseas collection, Soline d’Aboville, our window designer, has imagined a window design “playing” with oversized travel notebooks. A window animation which “story tells” the tradition initiated by François Constantin, the spirit of the Overseas collection and passion for travelling through the photographer Steve McCurry’s eyes.

12 places in the World : India, Ethiopia, Moscow, Uzbekistan, Japan, Scotland, Morocco, New York, China, Mexico, France and Switzerland are presented on twelve double pages. Some drawings are poetically match-up with pictures. Through all these images and illustrations, the viewer can “decode” some Vacheron Constantin brand values such as Tradition, Inspiration, Serenity, Delight, Conquest…

From the concept, the development of the idea, technical drawings, guideline book, to the sourcing, (leather, paper, stitching, embossing, finishing, colors…), selection of the factory and control quality for each unit, all these project steps have been under taken by BYB.

Design: BYB Visual Merchandising
Photography: Simon Gao / BYB Visual Merchandising

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