YU collection by Mikiya Kobayashi

September 27th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Mikiya Kobayashi has designed a new furniture collection ”YU” for Masterwal which is one of the biggest furniture manufactures in Okayama prefecture, Japan. One of Masterwal’s values is the good-quality of walnut. Although Masterwal had no experience to manufacture chairs with complex structures, they tried to manufacture elegant chairs with Japanese designer, Mikiya Kobayashi.

“YU” has the meaning of ”thoughtful” in Japanese. This meaning is the brand concept. Mikiya designed 3 chairs at first. One of the 3 chairs is ”UC3”, is the symbolism of this brand. The distinctive feature of UC3 is its elegant wooden frame and leather back. Mikiya not only designed chairs, tables and sofas, he also designed a minimal wooden ping pong table “UA1”.

This ping pong table is composed by minimum factor : the line on the center of table top is made by solid brass, the net is made by leather. Mikiya and Masterwal has already proceeded over 20 item for next collection. “YU” will be big wave for Japanese wooden furniture scene.

Design: Mikiya Kobayashi
Photography: Yosuke Owashi

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3 thoughts on “YU collection by Mikiya Kobayashi

  1. Tristan says:

    The ping pong table is very elegant, would you have more detailed pictures of the brass part and the leather net?

  2. tofarch says:

    your information is very use full for me.thank you

  3. Those armchairs are beautiful. Perfect choice of color combination

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