Mediterranean Reflections by Omelette-ed

September 25th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Omelette-ed presents its new home furniture collection, Mediterranean Reflections
For the first time in seven years, the Spanish company has worked alongside various designers to present their products: Isaac Piñero, Iratzoki-Lizaso and La Mamba. The new collection gives rise to an aesthetic dialogue with Omelette-Ed’s previous pieces, without these having to live side-by-side in the same area

The Valencian company Omelette-Ed has launched its first collaborative collection for the home: three pieces created by different design studios that share a common philosophy: sustainability, timelessness and simplicity in the objects proposed. A table, a chair and a sofa comprise this first collection crafted by three studios: Iratzoki-Lizaso, Isaac Piñeiro and of course La Mamba. They are designers from the same generation who have a shared view of the world and propose similar solutions.

The collection is not a set. Each piece follows its own line of design, but their common features create a link between them, allowing them to sit well together. Like different members of the same family.

The aim of Omelette-Ed is to create a universe of numerous products that interact among themselves without necessarily forming a corpus or set. These pieces are connected by a philosophy; by a concept rather than a style. It is a coexistence created through small details, like a wink or a spontaneous smile that appears when we see ourselves reflected in something.

Structures are the star of this collection, in which each piece is designed independently by a different creative team, with the emphasis on the base and structure, and from thereon each piece becomes its own. Simplicity is not incompatible with colour in these pieces, although sobriety is key. Carefully selected colours such as grey, green and maroon are the designers’ bid to avoid falling into excess.

This collection has led Omelette-Ed to move into the sector of home furniture and consolidate its success in side furniture. These are timeless pieces, classics from the moment they were designed, as they will never go out of fashion and feature details that render them unique.

Design: Iratzoki-Lizaso, Isaac Piñeiro and La Mamba

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  2. These chairs would look wonderful in my home, simple design but also quite beautiful at the same time, perfect! I really appreciate the description you give of each piece of furniture, it makes me feel a lot more to the design of the collection.

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