Urban Bloom packaging by ProcessAG

September 5th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Urban Bloom is a company that first leads with the design. A focus on the quality of the details first and foremost – everything from the visual serenity of the packaging to the haptic experience of the matte black and soft-touch coated packaging experience. A purposeful intent to create a memorable unboxing experience. An experience that continues to communicate our goal for this product: Creating a memorable sleeping experience.

The brand and product lives and breathes the values we (Process AG) has as a design collective. Urban Bloom’s team has more designers than it does admin staff. This disciplined focus is emulated with each design element developed with a clear intent and focus is on design. We were tired of what the current market had to offer. Sales pitches and noisy packaging claims all with random specs being thrown at us.

The infinite marketing features that don’t really exist and don’t actually improve our sleep. Urban Bloom chose to eliminate all the fluff and all the noise, breaking the traditional mold through differentiating ourselves with our brand, our design, and our packaging. It’s a “lack of design”, that articulate the calmness in our product.

A calmness that starts from our matte black packaging that void of sales pitches all the way through the tactile intimate feel of our product as you sleep. Stripping it down to the essentials, eliminated the noise, we showcased what Urban Bloom is about: providing a deep, rich experience, and enabling quality sleep. We do one thing, and we do it right – clean, crafted, and intentional design in all things packaging, branding, product and messaging.

Design: ProcessAG


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