The Naked Marshmallow Co Branding and Packaging Design by Design Happy

July 22nd, 2017 by Camra’s blog

The brief:
Naked are a unique and exciting new brand of naturally handmade marshmallows. We were approached by Naked to design the brand and structural look and feel which encompassed their light hearted take on a campfire classic. After establishing the Naked brand we then moved on to include their brave new range extension, introducing real marshmallow infused Gin and Vodka to their portfolio.

Our Approach:
Taking campfire marshmallow toasting as our inspiration we amplified Naked’s handmade proposition with a simplistic, understated brand mark working in tandem with an iconic crossed sticks marshmallow graphic. After considering many structures we settled on a bespoke pillow box with a tent inspired diecut. Bright, punchy colours added shelf appeal and standout.

To extend the design to the gin and Vodka it was important to add alcohol cues to pivot the brand in a more serious direction. The use of textured kraft paper and the copper type belly band evoked premium credentials whilst the wax sealed cap representing the tasty, gooey marshmallow, added the perfect finishing touch!

The Results:
After such a bold move The Naked Marshmallow company have toasted the rewards with glowing compliments on the new redesign from both consumers and buyers alike. The biggest challenge now is to keep up with popular demand!

Client Quote
We have been working with Design Happy for several months now. Each step of the way has been nothing less than superb and they have totally transformed our brand. We now send samples and pitch our products, feeling immensely confident and proud of what we have and that is owing to the exceptional design skills and talent of the Design Happy team. We’ve not only gained new listings, but have also seen a strong rise in sales thanks to our beautiful and eye-catching branding – we really cannot recommend them enough!

Design and photography: Design Happy

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One thought on “The Naked Marshmallow Co Branding and Packaging Design by Design Happy

  1. Justice says:

    What an odd choice of packaging for the gourmet marshmallows. Wouldn’t they get smushed in that rather flat packaging? I think that a simply (biodegradable) plastic or paper bag would’ve sufficed instead of these constricting pillow-shaped boxes that’d end up ruining its delicate contents.

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