Piaggio Ciao Racer by OMT Garage

July 11th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

OMT Garage wins the Deus Bike build-off with the Piaggio ‘Ciao’ Racer’s sleek ‘Silhouette’. This little green bike’s low and slender body adds stability at high-speeds, while a natural cork saddle, and a tiny handcrafted tank keep weight to a minimum.

OMT Garage’s brotherly owners felt they had to honor the moped as it was the first form of motorcycle they owned at 14 years old. The bike itself is a 1982 Piaggio ‘Ciao PX’ or, simply ‘Ciao’ to those more familiar with it. With it’s handmade bespoke tank, reinforced and modified chassis, and racing fairings, the garage transforms this little racer into the ‘Ciao’s’ super-quick cousin.

The brothers completely modified the tiny two-stroke engine, boosting its capacity to 75 cc, from the factory’s 49 cc. They also added an electronic ignition, a 19 mm carburetor, a hand-made exhaust, plus a lightened flywheel. With the front brake now removed from the original ‘Ciao’, only the rear brake stops the rider after crossing the finish line. It’s activated with the left-hand lever, while the lever on the right-hand-side manages the moped’s throttle.

OMT Garage was born in Origgio, situated in the Varese province of Italy in 1978. Combining motorcycle-passion with technical innovation, the two young brothers pretty much grew up in the garage. Since they have taken over the reins, they have transformed the company into a modern motorcycle studio. It is known among its contemporaries as it managed to win Italy’s ‘Lord of the Bikes‘ reality TV show in 2016.

All images © OMT Garage / Deus Milano


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