essence Maker Shop pop-up by ARNO & DFROST, Berlin – Germany

July 11th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

The unique essence Maker Shop project was designed by ARNO, just in time for the 15th anniversary of the cosmetic brand with the same name. The creative-colourful concept was developed in cooperation with the top three winner teams of the ARNO Retail Design Award (ARDA) 2016. This goes to show that participating in the ARDA is a real life experience.

For The ARDA 2016, young designers were given the opportunity to prove their knowledge and talent in a real retail project which has been produced and installed. This pop-up store opened up its doors, mid-May in Berlin. Plans are in motion for a mobile version of the pop-up store to tour through Germany, in mid-July. Customer experience on excellence: In this unusual flagship store, a one-time opportunity awaits customers, allowing them to create their own make-up.

The project was initiated by Claudio Wolfring (Creative Director at ARNO), the ARNO design team together with university students in cooperation with Cosnova (the parent company behind essence). Following the kick-off workshop, the project went straight to its hot phase: The detailed development of the single components of the shop, which reflects the precise and well-thought-out concept of the entire store.

The do-it-yourself approach of the store includes mechanical gearwheels, symbolizing workmanship. Customers can experience the entire process from development of individual nail varnish or lip-gloss to the design of the packaging. ARNO with its 80 years of retail design expertise in collaboration with the best three teams of the ARDA 2016 were not only responsible for the design, but also had a significant impact in the development of the unique concept idea. ARNO is delighted about this unusual project and the support and participation of both Cosnova and the ARDA winners of 2016 – Only one thing remains to be said: Happy birthday essence – a toast to another “15 pinky years”!
For the fine concept of the shop cosnova finally got DFROST on board, the Stuttgart-based agency for Retail Identity.

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