Room Mate Gerard Hotel by Jaime Beriestain, Barcelona – Spain

June 30th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Located in the middle of Barcelona’s Ensanche district, the Hotel Room Mate Gerard has 66 rooms, divided into 3 categories: basic, standard and deluxe. It is located two steps from the effervescent Paseo de Sant Joan and is adjacent to the emblematic modernist building Casa Burés. “It’s an emerging area that breathes creativity, avant-garde and design, values that are perfectly identified with the Room Mate Gerard hotel”, says Beriestain. Including this hotel, there are now 5 establishments that the hotel chain has in the city of Barcelona.

The motivation for Jaime Beriestain has been to design a masculine hotel, that is both comfortable and informal with a rogue and seductive touch, and for an audience that seeks new experiences. The interior designer has broken the rules of design creating a bold and surprising hotel with important sculptural and architectural aspects. The result is a charismatic, urban and contemporary hotel with an exclusive club air.

The creative concept of this hotel is, according to Beriestain, breaking traditional design rules, using rough materials. Concrete, terrazzo and wood are used in their pure essence, as the elements that the interior designer selected. ”This is the first time I work with rough materials, and it has allowed me to discover a new way of designing, “says Beriestain.

A sophisticated lighting project contributes to the purpose of breaking the rules at this hotel. Dark spaces and a dark play of light recreate a refined and welcoming atmosphere that is enhanced with a color palette in black ink present throughout the hotel.

The personal imprint of Jaime Beriestain is present once again with the selection of works of art that, together with Kike Sarasola, owner and founder of the hotel chain, have been selected for Room Mate Gerard. “I had an immediate connection with Kike Sarasola. We share an interest in innovation, surprise and originality in this project. Together we went out looking for objects and toured the galleries of Barcelona to find the best artworks”, explains Beriestain.

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