Amelia restaurant by Sestini & Corti, San Sebastian – Spain

June 28th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Mr. Mario Giunti and the Chef Paulo Airaudo decided to open a new site in San Sebastian Spain, “The Amelia Restaurant”. An unique place in the City, all furnished and designed by Sestini & Corti ( with covering materials and materic style elements, merging elegance and refinement with industrial design, while the project was looked after by MHARCHITECTES.

Amelia Restaurant, is divided in two floors: The Basement, where the kitchen is allocated, which has its walls coated with tiles in various patterns and on the floor travertine stone and The Ground Floor where the walls, left as rough and raw concrete, border the floor made with recovered fir wood.

All the tables were handcrafted from solid wood obtained from old oak beams from old Tuscan farmhouses, a type of wood very special with its distinguished strong consistency and with its own various colored grain. The Counter and behind it, located at the entrance of the Restaurant among other furniture products, were made entirely tailored; with wood, glass and iron; to fit many glasses used in the tasting of fine wines from all around the world.

The Chairs and the long Wall Bench at the Ground Floor were covered with an intense blue Ecological Leather, color used to recall the color of the Ocean, undisputed protagonist in the city of San Sebastian. Amelia Restaurant, with its materic style look, elegant and contemporary, wants to break the tradition of the other Restaurants in the city, welcoming the Customers in a place with researched and accurate in every detail design.

Design: Sestini & Corti

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