Sisters Beauty Lounge by Brand Creative, Dubai – UAE

June 27th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

The brief for Sisters Beauty Lounge within the premium location of Dubai Mall came from a newly developed tagline – ‘Glamour has a new address’. We were asked to create a flagship look for the brand that takes cues from the luxury hospitality industry, a theme deriving from the so-called ‘beauty hotel.’

The notions of comfort permeates throughout the design concept with each furniture piece selected for it’s ergonomic properties from both a customer and a service staff point of view. Understanding how hairstylists and beauty therapists work in order to perform their tasks was fundamental to ensuring that the experience is premium.

Three circular zones within the nail room, called “pods”, are separated by dark silver semi-sheer curtains, allowing clients to receive multiple nail and face treatments at the same time and in the privacy of their own area. A personal TV and phone charging dock make the experience pampering and practical.

Lighting the overall spaces correctly was essential to ensuring that staff could clearly see the details of their work yet still providing a soft, ambient, spa-like experience. Selecting materials that were non-porous, easy to maintain and clean as well as hygienic were of utmost importance.

Beauty salons cannot endure the daily wear and tear of typical recreational spaces because the addition of abrasive cosmetic chemicals comes into play. As such, all walls are protected by durable vinyl wallcoverings and porcelain tile whilst the recessed downlights were specified as LED for reduced energy consumption and an extended lamp life.

Design: Brand Creative
Photography: Michael Kruger

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