330 Clapham Road Marketing Suite by Navigation Suites, London – UK

June 26th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

The brief from Notting Hill Sales was to design and fit out a young and distinct marketing suite in an existing retail space at the new housing development in South West London.

With the target market for the 330 Clapham Road development being a combination of young professionals and young families, we opted for an open plan space with a contemporary design finish, that incorporated 3D print technology to appeal to this tech-savvy generation.

The space was planned with the customer in mind, we created a specific and structured journey through the sales environment, catering to the customer’s needs through key touch points that showcased vital development information.

Designed by Navigation Suites
Photography by Interiors Photography London

3 thoughts on “330 Clapham Road Marketing Suite by Navigation Suites, London – UK

  1. Ben says:

    Love the cork and the simple design in a relatively small space.

  2. dusawistatt says:

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