Tab coffee table collection by Sitland

June 25th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Tables which balance experimentation with form and functionality
A coffee table collection which strikes an elegant balance between experimentation with form and functionality. The aluminium or lacquered aluminium base highlights the precision of the leg which rests on four spokes. The table surface is either round or square-shaped; the latter features slightly rounded edges.

Details in the form, materials marked by excellence
Tab was created to meet the need for versatile and multi-functional furnishing solutions which, through linear shapes, create seductive vibes. A clean-cut design which features only the best materials and high-quality construction for tables which suit all kinds of spaces.

Different surfaces and heights for different needs
Tab is available is 3 heights: 35 cm, with a spacious round top to create a surface spot in contract and home spaces; 75 cm, for restaurant tables and 105 cm, for spaces in which the user needs or prefers to stand up.
The base comes in multiple colours – aluminium or black or white lacquered aluminium – with round or square-shaped table tops available in different materials and colours for a chromatic and textured effect which is well-balanced and elegant.

Design: Sitland

3 thoughts on “Tab coffee table collection by Sitland

  1. mansi desai says:


    this for this posting this is very unique as well as this is very modern technique design for us.
    but it will some costly for us ,


    mansi desai

  2. Bistro Life says:

    I love this coffee table collection, they are very different and like you say elegant.

  3. The Sitland really showed a number of great designs. Those are really excellent, compatible, easy to make, affordable to buy. In a word, inspiring!!

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