Beauty Bakerie Store by Mindful Design Consulting, San Diego – California

June 24th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

San Diego Westfield Mission Valley Beauty Bakerie flagship cosmetics store has a mouth-watering interior reminiscent of delicious dessert bakeries. With the intriguing concept of “beauty meets gourmet dessert” in mind, Mindful Design Consulting created a space where cosmetic products are displayed like pastries in a dessert store.

The interior designer used a fresh and vibrant palette of pink, turquoise, and brass metal, then allowed this mix to stretch from pastel to bright tones, creating a place that looks cheerful and playful, yet not overwhelming. Mindful Design Consulting wanted the interior to look fresh and trendy, and appeal to the young clientele.

This is a place where every corner introduces a new decorative element, a task that designer achieved by mixing patterns and solid colors, large images and written messages, then contrasting all these with brass accents.
Light was very important in designing the interior of this store – after all, great lighting is a much used beauty secret.

Hollywood-style illuminated mirrors, custom made by Tazz Lighting, were made to engage with customers and reinforce the brand. Mindful Design Consulting complemented the central circular fixture with a bouquet of gold pendants. The designer chose Tom Dixon’s Mirror Ball pendants to create a landscape of uneven globes of light all across the store.

These balanced the angles of the space and softened its look. Mindful Design Consulting used the DecoMetal brushed bronze-tone aluminum laminate, with the same brass-like reflections of color, to finish the look of the custom designed displays.

A large structural column at the center of the space became a colorful lip gloss complementing the entrance of the store. Bold and fresh, Beauty Bakerie beauty store interior is an example of excellent branding behind which lies clarity of vision – and passionate design.

Design: Mindful Design Consulting
Photography: Ranchophotos

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