S4 Spa&Salon by Pristine Design Studio, Bangalore – India

June 22nd, 2017 by Camra’s blog

S4 Spa & Salon, is a unisex spa in midst of lush green area, yet a prime commercial area of Jayanagar, Bangalore. Designing the interiors for S4 Salon and Spa, was a unique experience for many reasons. The requirement was to style it as cosy, young, and contemporary.

Choosing the right colours was an important aspect so to blend the lush green trees around which is seen through the large glazing in the front.

Being a unisex spa, S4 needed the operational ease to enable privacy for the convenience of customers and turn into an open space as need arises. Openness yet privacy when required was achieved by creating small internal connecting passages and using the curtains in strategic locations.

Design: Pristine Design Studio
Photography: FramesByHarsh Photography LLP

4 thoughts on “S4 Spa&Salon by Pristine Design Studio, Bangalore – India

  1. Prithwiraj Roy says:

    S4..very nice work..elegant..

  2. Emamul Pavel says:

    This is superb and an excellent work, I think others could benefit from learning about it.

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