Novotel Kievskaya Moscow hotel by Kitzig Interior Design, Moscow – Russia

June 19th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Forms and colours are the central theme throughout the public areas of the hotel. A room-in-room concept with transparent booths, decorative ceiling elements, object lamps and design highlights under roof create atmosphere and harmonic ambience. The base colours are traditional as well as elegant and are enhanced by a range of strong and luscious colours. A ceiling design with different materials and organic shapes makes the rooms vivid and fascinating. Decorative lamps are placed to meld the ceiling with the room space and create interesting zones.

Designed by Olaf Kitzig / Kitzig Interior Design – Architecture Group

3 thoughts on “Novotel Kievskaya Moscow hotel by Kitzig Interior Design, Moscow – Russia

  1. Great work Retail design blog. Colors & Lamps are the main features of any furniture because lights make furniture brighter and when the lights are similar then the furniture become attractive for visitors.

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