Albatar flagship store by Brand Creative, Abu Dhabi – U.A.E.

June 12th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Albatar have launched their highly anticipated flagship store in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., making an impact with a stylish retail space designed by Dubai design agency Brand Creative. Albatar’s key intention was to showcase their high quality leather goods within a fittingly elegant environment and engage with the sophisticated male customer. The premium men’s footwear retailers were intent on collaborating with an agency that could really get on board with the project and create their vision to maximum effect. Having met with a variety of designers they entrusted retail interior design specialists Brand Creative to bring their premium concept to life.

The Brand Creative team developed a meticulous strategy to become fully aligned with the retailer, consolidating the objectives of the brief to initiate the design process by positioning the store as a premium sandal retailer with a passion for style and integrity. As such, it was essential to create a luxurious interior that communicated a high quality yet accommodating feel that worked in harmony with the merchandise.

Creative Director Carla Conte led the project to develop the ‘Timeless Contemporary’ theme that would appeal to an international demographic whilst preserving the traditional roots of the brand. Carla explains that the design direction was ‘inspired by the Emirati sophisticated man, proud of his roots and culture, taking its cues from dune formation, falcon wings and geometric patterning.’ Such features are infused throughout the concept, alluding to the origins of the label whilst the modern finishes elevate the theme to appeal to a cosmopolitan, masculine customer.

Stepping into the Albatar store one becomes immersed with the elegant Arabian influences that permeate the space with an impressive level of detail. Rich textures mimic the exotic materials used in the sandals, highlighting the luxury products which are made in Italy from ostrich, crocodile and snakeskin. Lustrous metallic finishes further contribute to the opulent setting, whilst timeless patterns embellish the store & offset the high-end sandals to perfection. Each season a local artist is showcased in the store, displaying locally themed artwork to bring vitality to the space and emphasise the decorative aesthetic.

Through meticulous execution and a remarkable attention to detail, Brand Creative have enabled Albatar to debut into the fashion scene with success. The new store imaginatively encapsulates the vision of a personalised, luxury shopping experience for the refined man and has already acquired a discerning client base of clients in it’s first few months of opening.

Designed by Brand Creative
Photography by The Picture Bar

4 thoughts on “Albatar flagship store by Brand Creative, Abu Dhabi – U.A.E.

  1. Syed Ali says:

    Hi there,
    Fabulous Concept….We, at Brand Corp are one of the few manufacturers In UAE who can handle metal works with the finish required for this store.
    Pls send me the contact details to share my company profile.

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