Filling Pieces showroom by Flip Ziedses des Plantes at Paris fashion week

June 6th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Paris – For the launch of the current spring-summer collection of premium sneaker brand FILLING PIECES, FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio transformed, galerie Perrotin into a sneaker paradise by creating several unconventional shoe installations. FILLING PIECES is an Amsterdam based footwear label, founded in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert. The brand fills the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion with unique, contemporary handmade sneakers. The brand’s three main inspiration sources are architecture, nature and urban culture.

Those sources inspire FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio to focus on creating “landscapes” rather than designing standard commercial displays. Both urban – and nature-inspired landscapes, that complement – but never overrule – the visual appearance of the product. In this case, premium sneakers. In the center of the gallery space a long row of custom designed metal cabinets form a honeycomb-like wall. Much like ancient Maya temples, the modular structure is overgrown with tropical plants. Concrete elements combined with plants create a raw yet refined look, reminding of an urban landscape.

FILLING PIECES’ wishes for the installation were to present their vast collection of 400 styles in an impressive way, while providing a convenient way for retailers to select sneakers. FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio took the challenge and designed a way to keep a clear overview, while creating a niche for each individual sneaker. Presenting the FILLING PIECES inner circle collection, FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES designed a minimalistic, stylized landscape of black marble rock circles. “Breathing” light, that slowly moves from one circle to another creates a disorienting mystic experience.

Upon entering the space, the circles appear to be of equal size but when moving further into the space you’ll discover that it’s an optical illusion, as the circles actually significantly differ in size. The raw natural material of the black marble, unnaturally ordered in perfect circles almost appear to be floating.
The contrast of these circles to the highly refined sneakers, add up to a surprising alienating experience in this space.

Design: Flip Ziedses des Plantes
Photography: Claire Dorn

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