Nude showroom by Demirden Design, Istanbul – Turkey

June 3rd, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Nude showroom, which was designed and implemented by Demirden Design, invites visitors to sophisticated world with its simple and elegant design. The screen-like impressive installation of hand-crafted glass globes of various sizes offers an inspirational entry into Nude’s simple world.

Stepping into the showroom we see natural materials coming together with simple forms in order to build product displays. The display concept that derives from concrete-effected surfaces makes the brand’s “Simple is beautiful” motto livable. The central display units, which serve as a modern interior furniture, offered as one of the keystone of a spacious space setup.

After a few steps we encounter with an illuminated display wall. The dynamic display wall consisted of thin and elegant shelves, drift visitors into a dreamy world, while emphasizing Nude’s artisan attitude by bringing together natural forms and colors. The sense of lightness it carries around makes this section more interesting to visit.

Social areas are not forgotten for those who want to take a break in Nude Showroom. First pleasant stop is the bar consisting of natural materials such as iron and marble, in combination with raw metal construction positoned in the center where you can feel good while taking a sip of your drink.

The comfortable seats placed just next to the vertical pergola system, made out of 4 m high colored glass plates, is another stop to experience Nude’s atmosphere up-close. Videos which give voice to Nude’s motto emphasize the warm relationship between products and nature. The area where the natural forms meet the glass will reshape your sense of harmony in a higher level.

Design: Demirden Design
Photography: Ibrahim Ozbunar

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