Emerson Resort and Spa by CAMA, Mount Tremper – New York

May 11th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

The Emerson Resort & Spa came to CAMA to re-imagine and unify the interior experience and design across their 66,500 sq. ft campus in an effort to rebrand as a restorative destination for wellbeing where guests can replenish mind, body, and soul.

The inspirations for the renovation were Ralph Waldo Emerson’s romantic ideology of nature and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. CAMA combined these inspirations with biophilic principles, which strives to design interiors that reconnect people back to the natural environment they originally evolved in.

This approach led CAMA to utilize materials, textures, patterns, lighting and a curated art collection that referenced nature while also striking the right balance between casual comfort and sophistication. The nature inspired details can be prominent, such as the large windows, used throughout to brighten previously darker areas with natural sunlight; or inconspicuous details, such as the beautiful LED lighting in the attached Woodnotes Restaurant that mimic the dappled lighting created by sunlight peeping through tree leaves; or the river stone flooring in the spa that reflects the Esopus River, which flows directly behind the resort.

Artwork was commissioned primarily from local artists with varying techniques and mediums. Many pieces were influenced by the Catskill natural landscape to create a sense of place and establish a culture and appreciation to the setting of The Emerson.

Design: CAMA
Photography: Chibi Moku

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