Queens Bowl redesign by designLSM, London – UK

January 27th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

DesignLSM, have recently completed work on the redesign and relaunch of the iconic Queens ice-skating rink and bowling alley. Located in West London’s Queensway, the venue opened it’s doors back in the 1930’s providing London with it’s first permanent ice rink. DesignLSM were commissioned to redesign the interior and brand identity for Queens, helping them to create an all-inclusive leisure destination for families, friends and city workers. The overall concept comprises of 12 stylish bowling lanes, an indoor ice rink, two contemporary bars and the launch of a new F&B offering from famous pop-up restaurateur Jimmy Garcia. When planning the space and considering the customer experience in relation to the new layout we felt it was key to create a prominent sense of arrival.

As such, we transformed the venue’s ground floor entrance by creating a dedicated “meet & greet” area decorated with polished concrete and displays of vintage skate and bowling paraphernalia. A prominent feature in the space is the striking illuminated signage showcasing the newly designed Queens Logo, which leads guests directly downstairs to the central hub of activity. The sense of “creating a journey” is evident through the entire 45,000 sqft space, this was achieved by distinguishing the three leisure offerings, of skate, bowl and dine, through the use of block colour and varying materials; whilst ensuring that the sightlines between all three were kept open and clear.

Drawing on the brand’s notable heritage, our designers created a playful and bold design scheme bringing in references to ice skaters and bowlers of decades gone by. They utilised a material palette of timber, bespoke vinyl’s, laminates and glossed ceramic tiles providing the space with layers of contrast and texture. To enhance and maximise the area we relocated the existing bowling alley to the rear of the entertainment complex creating ample space for the new restaurant, Jimmy’s Diner. The Diner is a key part of the new “Queens” providing guests with a place to refuel and relax.

The vibrant interior reflects Jimmy’s new fusion of British and American style food featuring bold mustard banquettes, steel framed chairs and contemporary artwork displayed across white tiled walls. DesignLSM’s branding team collaborated with the interior designers to produce the core identity for Queens which included a full suite of print collateral, signage and website. The bold colours and fonts in the new design all have a subtle reference to Queen’s nostalgic roots helping to connect the brand with the existing, and to a new audience.

Design: designLSM

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  1. Nice restaurant waiting to get this kind of restaurant in India soon, I love the architecture and design of the restaurant, so thanks for sharing this amazing architecture with us.

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