Fish Place restaurant by Studio Felipe Villaveces, Bogotá – Colombia

January 16th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Inspired by the ports and maritime warehouses, and the work and life of artisanal fishermen, the creative team of Studio Felipe Villaveces emphasizes architectural gestures that go back to this type of places and activities. Handcrafted white custom made tiles for the project, which respond to the functionality of the fishmongers, metallic structures painted in black, metallic meshes that refer to fishing nets, white granite floors and Canadian pine finishes, establish a Contemporary maritime speech characteristic of the brand.

In the main hall, the fresh fish fridge next to the lamps woven with natural fibers, by the Spanish designer Álvaro Catalán de Ocón and the interior tropical vegetation, are part of a set of elements of the fishing culture that transport the consumer to places related to the gastronomic offer of the restaurant. The metal screens that delimit the spaces, carry boards with advertising material, showing the menu, poetic phrases of high seas, hammered glass and metallic meshes.

Opposite the garden of tropical plants and wild orchids, you will find the partially covered kitchen with a downstairs pantry and a sofa lit by lamp posts inspired by fishing rods. The façade is covered with roller blinds made of natural wood and the roof sieves the light entrance with solid pine crossbeams that expose the concrete beams and the installation piping giving an industrial air to the intervention.

In the bar, above the low pine bar rises on 3 slender columns the metallic furniture of drinks, sushi and cevichería, where the bottles of liquor, glassware and porcelain make of facade to the hall of the restaurant and the Commercial Center. The design of the furniture was in charge of Studio Felipe Villaveces and was complemented by Danish and Polish chairs. The development of lighting, proposed by the MONOLIT brand.

Designed by Felipe Villaveces Izquierdo
Photography by Iván Ortiz

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