Simply Italian Restaurant by 5 Star Plus Retail Design, Hong Kong

January 4th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

We are excited to announce that Hong Kong has a new, one-of-a-kind Italian restaurant brand in Kowloon: “SI Restaurant”, a concept founded by several Italian nationals living in Hong Kong. The philosophy is “Simply Italian” – the work with high quality ingredients to produce authentic Italian dishes that are affordable to the wider public. The restaurant offers antipasti, pasta, main courses and desserts prepared by their executive Chef Massimo Santovito in an open kitchen, and houses its own bar.

In terms of interior, the restaurant design had to express the core values of the brand including honesty, transparency, hospitality and happiness. At 5 Star Plus Retail Design, we were responsible for the restaurant design as well as the development of the brand’s visual identity. We created a bright and open environment with the use of abundant natural wood, light colors and patterns that represent Italian traditions. Key features of the space are the open kitchen, where fresh food is prepared in front of the customer, and the bar on the other side. Guests can sit inside or outside at the bar.

While the restaurant design had to be “happy” and “colorful” to suit different types of customers including families, the inspiration for the wall decorations and wooden partitions came from the abstracted lines of a typical Italian dish – spaghetti. Patterned tiles that are inspired by the Southern architecture of Italy were used as wall covering. We asked Mauro Molteni, one of the owners, about the most important aspect that the owners wanted to communicate with the restaurant design.

“We want people who enter our restaurant to feel at home, no matter if they come for a fast meal during lunch time, for business, for a romantic dinner or for a family meal. Our bar area is great for some after work happy hour drinks (with free canapés at the counter), high quality Italian coffee or desserts. In addition, hygiene in our restaurant is very important; this is why we have a big open kitchen where we will prepare the food in front of our customers.”

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