Avveni modular LED-lighting system by code2design and SATTLER GmbH

October 28th, 2016 by Camra’s blog

Michael Schmidt and SATTLER have designed a modular system with amazing potential for variability thanks to its biomorphic structure.
Ulrich Sattler’s, CEO of SATTLER GmbH, preference for clear geometric forms is mirrored by his company. His aim was to create a light from a minimum number of parts that would appeal to many different users.

Michael Schmidt and his design agency were the ideal partners for the project, developing a modular system based on a single light to which further elements can be added, creating branched, biomorphic structures. Each system constructed is a one-off piece with a unique character of its own. The ultra-flat flexible head of the lamp with an integrated spotlight is particularly striking.

The extremely high degree of flexibility of the system is impressive: The product range is available as a recessed downlight, ceiling, floor and table light, or as pendant luminaire.

From one central point, the luminaire can be run along the ceiling, branched out, or joined to form a spectacular, dome-shaped canopy. Due to its complex structural design, Avveni is also predestined for lighting large and high ceiling rooms in commercial buildings. It is an embedded magnetic joint that makes Avveni so highly flexible: The light heads can be easily removed and exchanged by simply popping them in and out. Moreover, the magnetic joint allows for an almost 360 degree rotation of the light heads.

The light head itself has also been designed to be extremely flexible in its application: One may choose between a spot version and a flood version. When using the spot variant, the beam angle may be chosen between nine and 60 degrees via a snap-in system and different adaptor lenses which are available. Furthermore, this system allows for shifting the light colour and attaching anti-glare lenses.

Designed by Michael Schmidt / code2design

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  1. This was cool! Lamp give the best lighting on this room

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