Silicon Valley Staffing Group Offices by Kava Massih Architects, Oakland – California

July 22nd, 2016 by Camra’s blog

Kava Massih Architects has developed the new offices of Silicon Valley Staffing Group located in Oakland, California. SVS, needing a new headquarters, wanted a contemporary and professional space within the constraints of a small space and a small budget. The original 2,600 square foot office had dropped ceilings and narrow dingy spaces.

To transform the entrance, we designed a blackened steel and glass doorway with a custom steel sunshade. Blackened steel repeats in the lobby and at the custom built reception desk. To open up the interior, we removed the dropped ceiling to expose the existing roof joists, and added skylights to bring in natural light. Curved and angled walls below the joists create a sense of movement and expansion when walking along the hallway. Completing the build out are two glass conference rooms, open office space and three private offices.

Design: Kava Massih Architects
Photography: Mark Luthringer

8 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Staffing Group Offices by Kava Massih Architects, Oakland – California

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