Urban Nomad sofa system by Hannabi

July 1st, 2016 by Camra’s blog

The first version of the BOX HYPERACTIVE sofa system is the URBAN NOMAD combination that was designed for first-time home buyers, for those who move often, who live in little flats or who like to be close to the ground. URBAN NOMAD allows for easy variability particularly if living space is at a premium. The four basic elements can be used for sleeping, lounging, having meals on and more – all with the size of a little couch. The mobile back-rest provides stable support while the two sides allow for multiple positions. The URBAN NOMAD is not just flexible, it is also very high quality, made with traditional hardwood frames, high quality raw materials and durable textiles therefore, the sofa system is perfectly suitable for the smallest members of the family and for the four-legged-friends.

It is more and more important that a living space should flexibly serve the family at different stages of life. Since the sofa is the center of the time that we spend together, new requirements were brought into this furniture. When we designed Urban Nomad the most important viewpoint was to create multi-functional furniture which provides a lot of options that are important for the family using only a room-size space. Another important aspect was to preserve the lightness of this item even if the owners decide to move into a new flat or into a new city.

We believe, in these days it’s increasingly important to live a flexible life style and to be always able to take all the advantages during our life. Modern people live in constant changing, this requires building up a more free, more conscious and well-designed living environment in which we have less goods that are easy to move and easy to maintain.

We got inspired from the structured yet airy world of the Japanese Tatamis where the main living surface is the floor and the functions constantly change depending on the part of the day. The mobility of the Urban Nomad is very similar. Each element fits together but can be separated so they can form many different positions. The main junctions are special rubber surfaces to provide full stability in every sideway but can be easily pulled apart when you lift them up.

We chose the traditional structure of the sofa and the durable materials. Not only because of the long lifetime but in order to provide the same convenience that is accustomed from a classic item. Our sofas are made of traditional hardwood frames, high quality raw materials and durable textiles. The softness is given by the high quality foams built up in a multi-level system. The mobile headrest frame is made of curved plywood and covered with similar foams as the sitting element in order to provide the ergonomic structure.

Hannabi was founded in 2010 in Budapest. The founder, Anikó Rácz, gained experience in a family-run furniture business where, as an interior designer and furniture designer, she had a lot of conversations about what a comfortable sofa actually is. She tried to discover the ways in which people use their lounges, sofas and couches, and how she can do things better, both as a designer and a manufacturer. Anikó dreamt of creating a studio where everything centered around the client and their needs, as well as a commitment to high-quality.
The studio is like a traditional upholsterery shop combined with the facilities needed to create contemporary art and design.
It is important that customers pay for the professional work and the quality raw materials when they purchase a Hannabi furniture. That is why the products can be only found on websites operating with fair trade policy and at community places where design, art and hospitality are joined together. In the neighboring countries the first venue like this is the Lisabird Contemporary in Vienna that will open its doors at the beginning of June. Two other locations will follow this summer, one in Berlin and one in Munich. All furniture and accessories are available in the Hannabi webstore as well.

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