Cargill Offices by Athié Wohnrath, São Paulo – Brazil

June 13th, 2016 by Camra’s blog

Athié Wohnrath has developed thew new offices of Cargill located in São Paulo, Brazil. After 12 years working in a one tenant building located at Chacara Santo Antonio, in Sao Paulo, Cargill decided to invest in the renewal of its organizational culture starting with a modern office fully aligned to its main business. The adopted strategy was moving to a new office of 4.900sqm in Morumbi Corporate Towers, a Triple A building, located near the Morumbi Shopping, in São Paulo.

Formed mostly by young teams, the company that operates in food and agribusiness, industrial and financial markets, has adopted the flexibility of open space and platform furniture to obtain more agility and dynamism in decision-making; closed rooms are only for leaders. Meeting points with sofas, armchairs, countertops and a coffee area were strategically incorporated into the architectural design to connect people, who can relax, share ideas, receive clients or hold quick meetings in these office spaces.

A wooden staircase and a glass guard rail catch the attention to the floor core, and play an important role easing communication between two of the four floors. According to Athié Wohnrath, the company responsible for the interior design, the office has been designed for 500 people considering a future expansion, also strongly valuing accessibility. Earth shades – including warm colors as rust brown, mustard, yellow, leaf green, military green and orange – are everywhere and complement the gigantographies to portray Cargill business units; mission, vision and values are at eye level, more precisely in the partitions of meeting rooms, phone booths and shared areas.

Design: Athié Wohnrath
Photography: Alexandre Jafo

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