Graphite modular shelves system by GRPHT Dsgn

June 9th, 2016 by Camra’s blog

GRPHT Dsgn has created a modular shelves system made of resistant coated aluminum that lets the user customize the configuration according to their needs. This is the new project of a long term multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in Design, Architecture, Innovation and Product Development. Graphite comprises four main components: “C shape Modules” (2 per Hexagon), “V shape Lateral connection pieces”, “L shape mooring pieces” and “Screws & bolts”.

The combination of them through an easy assembly process with the user´s own hands, results in a storage area fully adapted to everyone needs and style. Graphite is totally reconfigurable so its possibilities can go from a home storage area to a window showcase or an office building furniture module. Graphite concept was born from the combination of three main ideas: High quality design, modular geometry and great manufacture process. The final result is an affordable high quality product suitable for all kinds of lifestyles.

Graphite main features are:
• Modular: With the repetition of one hexagonal module, the spatial possible combinations are as many as you can imagine.
• Reconfigurable: Graphite changes with your needs. The configuration of the modules is up to you and can be changed at any time.
• Resistant: Made of 3 mm thickness folded aluminum, it can support big loads.
• Stackable: designed to take up the least space until mounting. A full dissembled kit is less than 50x40x25 cm.
• Accurate: Graphite is laser cut and made of high resistance aluminum.
• High-quality finishing: Graphite is coated with high-quality electrostatic powder-coating.
• Attachable to your wall: Using “L – shape” pieces you can place on your wall.

The team behind Graphite is multidisciplinary and covers all fields involved: Pablo Cruz (Architect & Product Designer), Maria Ramirez (Architect & Project Manager), Jose G.Mayo (specialist in aluminum folding and manufacture) and David G. Mayo. For the last 2 years we have worked hand to hand on each and every aspect of the design and manufacture of several prototypes to ensure the final product that will reach the users has the quality we would expect ourselves. This first edition of Graphite will be produced primarily in white and black colors and once the goal set in Kickstarter campaign is reached, a palette of colors will be also added.

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  1. Beautiful design. It’s very chic! And you can put anything on display. They would all look good.

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