Porcelain Tiles by GeoID

May 25th, 2015 by Camra’s blog

One cannot help but feel special at the Maxx Royal Kemer Resort & Spa. Combining wellness and luxury, each part of the hotel acquires a touch of flair and classical appeal. Located in Kemer, Turkey, the resort faces the Mediterranean and has its own private beach.

Design firm GeoID – partners of design agency GeoMim – worked with a multi-disciplinary team to deliver a brand identity to suit the needs of Maxx Royal Kemer. The team sought the right methodology for encouraging guests to enjoy the various thematic, functional spaces that reflect the four elements of nature – water, earth, air, and fire – which complement the natural landscape of the surrounding Taurus Mountains. Guests can choose a fragrance that interprets one of the four elements in their room. In addition, organic patterns – repeated in multiple materials such as wood and natural stone – fill the interior of the resort.

A different approach to material was required in the vast spa and swimming areas to provide a striking environment that also met with hygiene requirements. Italian company, Graniti Fiandre, was selected for its success in delivering a diverse selection of durable porcelain tiles, finished with titanium dioxide which is both antibacterial and antipollution. Graniti Fiandre offers a range of materials that have rare characteristics and are long-lasting, allowing architecture and design to evolve together.

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