Stemme Sports Aircraft Brand Identity by KMS TEAM

May 18th, 2015 by Camra’s blog

Stemme AG, manufacturer of premium motor gliders, hired branding agency KMS TEAM in Munich to further develop every aspect of its brand to strengthen communication of its very unique pro- ducts. The new brand identity was introduced at the world premiere of the Stemme S12 Twin Voyager high-performance motor glider at the international AERO 2015 aviation trade show in Friedrichshafen.

For the past 30 years, Stemme motor gliders have been the best in the industry worldwide in terms of technology, quality craftsmanship and flying experience. KMS TEAM transport the company‘s strong leadership in its streamlined positioning and new tagline, »ABOVE IT ALL«. Attributes like lightness, excellence, engineering skill, product aesthetics and strength provide the basis for the newly developed corporate design. KMS TEAM also collaborated with Stemme to define the brand imagery, develop a communication system and design communication materials, such as stationery, brochures, product flyers, inserts, posters, press kits and advertisements. A microsite and concept for the new Stemme S12 Twin Voyager product launch complete the bundle of activities involved in introducing the new brand identity.

»We produce state-of-the-art aircraft and set new standards with our technology. Our brand identity should also reflect this premium mindset. Our new corporate design stands for excellence and precision, but also conveys people’s fascination with flying,« explained Paul Masschelein, CEO of Stemme AG. Jessica Krier is the Design Director responsible for this project at KMS TEAM: »We created a mo- dern, yet timeless look for the brand that blends powerful and delicate elements in a harmonious way. We are convinced that this development will allow Stemme to position itself well, even outside of the conventional sports aircraft market.«

About Stemme
Stemme was founded by Dr. Reiner Stemme in West Berlin in 1984. Today, Stemme AG is a suc- cessful, mid-sized company and technology leader specialized in manufacturing state-of-the-art sports aircraft. Stemme has built and delivered 300 S6 and S 10 motor gliders around the globe so far. The company’s core expertise is in the design, development and production of high-performance aircraft with fiber composite construction, advanced aerodynamics and side-by-side seating.

Profile KMS TEAM
KMS TEAM is an international leading company specializing in brand strategy, design and communication. Our award-winning brand agency was founded by Knut Maierhofer in 1984 and employs today around 60 brand experts. For 30 years, we have been a successful partner to brands, companies and people around the world. The basis for our outstanding work is «Tiefendesign», our way of thinking and working. It takes all strategic, design and personal aspects of brand develop- ment into consideration and links them in an overarching process.

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