So Cool Design self promotion – Christmas card Pack

March 6th, 2015 by Camra’s blog

As a new and innovative Design Office specialised in designing packages and wrappings, we could not send out a simple New Year wish card to our customers. For us, 2015 came and exhaled freshness, love for life and people and of course optimism for the future. Attempting to share these feelings with our customers and partners, we chose to send out a fragrance for these holidays. A fragrance with the essence of jasmine as this embodies all the above sentiments. The fragrance was placed in a separate box, which shape refers to an angel. Its top is decorated with flower petals, more particularly jasmine. Smells like 2015! The “Curious Metallic Ice Silver” paper, induced the necessary sparkle of the holidays, while rhinestones gave the glamorous touch.

Design: So Cool Design Office / Loli Stavroula / Christoforidou Caterine

via Packaging of the World

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