Evolutive Installation at Le Perchoir by Ariel Claudet, Paris – France

February 17th, 2015 by Camra’s blog

Le Perchoir is a fine wine bar, gastronomy restaurant and club on a 19th century industrial building’s rooftop located in northern Paris. They came to us to embellish the void at the center of the building. What we end up proposing, was to start an evolutive sculpture: Every month they throw gastronomy event (a renowned chef and wine-growers are invited), for this occasions we will come and extend the sculpture adding a new part and changing the lightening.

The Idea was just to get a cheap material that could spread out and fill the place, so buying strings was the only previous plan. We think and we work on site. It was taken by visitors as a performance and the structure is now loved by all the clients, the staff and the owners. After three month nothing has been damaged and this principle will be extended until we get over with it, then we’ll just pick a new material and start searching for a new construction process.

Designer: Ariel Claudet & Pierre Louvet
Assistant: Nadege Guion
Photography: Ariel Claudet / Viktor Shekularatz

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