Sushi Azuma restaurant by Stile, Osaka – Japan

September 6th, 2014 by Camra’s blog

Japanese Tea Ceremony is the fusion of architecture, landscape gardening, rules of behavior, music and philosophy. The concept of coordinating those factors is called SUKI. Suki concentrates more on procedure and movement for making tea than decorating and lighting of the space so that the host’s hospitality would be the main entertainment and the guest could enjoy the ceremony itself.

At Sushi Azuma, I tried to follow the Suki spirit. I cut off formative and decorative design and left only basic structure and lighting. In this sushi restaurant, the chef and staff’s movement is the primary theme of entertaining the guest. With our ancestor’s privilege, I think we could find the way of revitalization for the people in this exhausted world.

Architects: STILE. / Ietsugu Ohara
Construction: Ida Home. / Jiro Ida
Lighting: MAXRAY. / Hiroyuki Nagatomi
Decorative lighting:flame. / Kenichi Kandatsu
Furniture (Chair and Japanese cushion): YAGI COLLECTION . / Michio Tano
Photograph: Hirokazu Matsuoka

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  1. Jack says:

    I found this post very interesting as really like the interior and designing of this sushi restaurant and I love to visit this restaurant and enjoy the Japanese sushi food.

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